Almond Website Design

Personas / User Stories

Casual User

I am a member of the general population, maybe slightly tech-savy. I learned of Almond from some link on /r/linux or a some Twitter post I saw. I want to figure out what the fuss is about.


I am a Computer Science researcher. I found out about Almond from a citation or link in a paper. I want to know the related work, status of the research, the team behind it. I want to know if the project is active, and if I can rely on it for my own research.


I am a student, taking a class that requires me to do an assignment on Almond. The only thing I care about is the grade. I want to know where to start. I want to find the documentation quickly. I want direct links from the assignment handout. I want a way to see the progress of my team, and feedback from instructors.


I learned about Almond. I found it interesting. I want to get involved and help with its development. I want to register as a developer. I want to feel part of a community. I want to know of changes in the platform.

Potential Research Partner

My advisor/PM/eng manager says our team should use Almond for the next research project. I want to understand if it is viable. I want to learn the engineering details. I want access to direct communication channels with the core team.

Ongoing Research Collaborator

I am a member of an affiliate institution or industry working with Almond (but not part of the Mobisocial or OVAL labs). I might want to be featured on the website. I want to be updated on its progress, both on research and on the platform. I want an interface to submit and test my work.